Creative Electronics Laboratory
The purpose of the workshops is to give children an active role so that they become designers, builders, developers and not ordinary users of technology. Our philosophy is to introduce children to programming and construction using the Arduino development board. Children will have the opportunity to create simple and complex constructions through a series of workshops lasting 90 minutes, where they will be asked to provide solutions to real problems, applying knowledge of Physics, Mathematics, Electronics and basic principles of Engineering. Resistors, coils, capacitors, transistors, microprocessors, sensors, robotic arms, remote control vehicles are some of the elements that will be used to activate children’s imagination.

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Physics Experiments
Our tutorial has a standard Science lab where Physics experiments are conducted. The laboratory is equipped with suitable instruments for conducting and demonstrating Physics experiments such as airstrips, photocells, electrical circuits, magnets, solenoids, coils, internal combustion engines, manometers, pumps, while there are also computers, projectors, monitors, connection to the internet, so that they can be used during the experiment, according to modern teaching methods. In the workshop, students, by performing experiments themselves in groups, discover and interpret the world, highlight and cultivate their inclinations and skills as well as their creative thinking, practice their observation, learn to take initiatives, cultivate team spirit and develop criticism. their ability.

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Biology Laboratory
Biology is a key course in the field of Health Sciences. The laboratory exercises conducted in our tutoring center primarily aim at the interaction of the knowledge that the student acquires by reading the textbook (eg study of microorganisms) with its application on a practical level (eg observation of microorganisms in the optical microscope) . In addition, through simple laboratory applications it becomes clear that Biology is a science that relies primarily on research.

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Chemistry laboratory
Chemistry laboratory courses, in all classes of the Lyceum, operate in a complementary and collaborative way during the teaching of the course. In this way the teaching of the course does not become a boring and sterile description of knowledge but is upgraded to an interesting and fruitful partnership of theory and practice. At the same time, the exercises aim to learn and familiarize yourself with the safety rules that must be observed in a laboratory as well as to encourage those students who are interested in pursuing a research career in the field of Chemistry.

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